Aaron is preparing to train future Congolese Engineers

Eastern Congo is a place of incredible natural beauty and vibrant people, but where corruption and poor insitutions have led to extreme poverty and injustice. Out of this context, a university was founded; dedicated to the formative development of Congolese leaders.

This university, the Christian Biligual University of Congo (UCBC), is a place where local and international people come together to “be transformed to transform”, as personal renewal leads to renewal in schools, workplaces, families, and government.

As part of creating an exceptional engineering program, they have invited me to come and be a professor of computer science; to use my gifts in teaching, mentoring, and curriculum development.

My primary roles will be
  • Teaching courses to develop professionals with strong engineering skills.
  • Assisting the Applied Sciences program with curriculum development.
  • Building strong mentoring relationships with UCBC students.
  • Helping students to discover ways to bring technological solutions to local challenges.

If you would like to learn more, please get in touch! You can contact me using this form.


Aaron and other UCBC faculty during 2019 visit.
Beni, DRC.
UCBC Campus
UCBC Entrance


What is your current timeline?

Starting Febrary of 2021, I will be focused on raising support, followed by cross-cultural training and French language school. My goal is to arrive in Congo at the start of 2022 and serve for two years.

How will you be funded?

I will be fully relying on raising monthly support to cover living costs, insurance, transportation, and ministry expenses. If you would like to support me, you can do so at uwm.org.


Congo Initiative is a Congolese non-profit organization in Beni, DRC dedicated to addressing systemic issues in the country. From the very beginning there was a desire to create a vibrant community where Congolese leaders and global partners come together to produce a renewed Congo. A central theme of the vision is Being transformed to transform - seeking to transform people into strong, ethical leaders who will transform Congo into a place where peace and justic flourish.
Université Chrétienne Bilingue du Congo
Congo Initiative founded UCBC in 2007 to be a university that develops men and women into future leaders of Congo who can respond to its unique challenges with passion and integrity. UCBC also seeks to transform Congolese education by integrating modern pedagogical practices and developing highly-skilled professionals. I will be teaching in their Applied Sciences Program, which offers both Computer and Electromechanical Engineering.
UWM is a missions sending agency that I am parterning with that provides support and training for cross-cultural missions. They are based in Charlotte, NC and support hundreds of missionaries across the world. United World Mission has a vision of equipping leaders, engaging in holisitic ministry, and partnering with local organizations.